Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Never forget

Today is a 3rd day i'm in Penang ! Happy with my family si kecil mona ni mmg x bosan lah.hehe sampai2 i always called her "SAYANG"! However, i keep thinking of you.. Are you study? Da makan belum? Tengah buat apa? Each time i wish i can always ask you to know your condition no matter where you are.huhu I MISS YOU SAYANG ! 

I miss to see your SMILE..
I miss to hear you LAUGH..
I miss when you like to BULLY me..
I miss the moment i WIPE your lips and your sweat .. 
I miss the moment i can HOLD your hand..
I miss when im not in mood, you CHEER me up !

Sayang.. you make me CRAZY in love into you!!..

p/s : Dear ALLAH..please don't seperate us while we always need each other.. Don't break our heart bonding & make us always keep our promises till the rest of our life ! InsyaALLAH..amin!

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